Datex ImagingTM
  • Instant access to ALL your important documents

  • Completely eliminate re-filing

  • Vastly simplify your paper filing system

  • Many users can  share one business class scanner

  • 100% ROI in less than 12 months!

Datex Imaging is available software only or as a complete "turn key" solution that comes to you ready to use – with Scanner, PC and software installed and configured.  Datex Imaging can also be used as an integrated solution with Datex’ freight management software, Visual Dispatch and Logistics, (VDL™).

Via Bar coding and intelligent paper handling, Datex Imaging groups all paperwork related to a load into a single file, which can easily be accessed later on demand.  Each scanned image is stored on your imaging server and can also be mirrored to a second hard drive or your main file server. 

The integrated solution allows you to locate freight using VDL’s flexible query screens and browsers. Once you locate a load, the related images are one click away. Other images, such as Carrier Insurance documentation or customer contracts are one click from their relevant data windows.

If you purchase the Imaging System for use with VDL, it comes with certain "Classes" of Images already defined for you. A class is just a group of related images. Within a class, a group of related images all have one common "key" number or code. Predefined Classes include Loads, Customers, Carriers, Drivers, AP Checks and others.

Datex Imaging enables you to create your own classes of images. You can then scan multiple documents at once and the system will correctly index and store the document images for easy retrieval over your LAN or WAN.

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