Datex Visual Dispatch and Logistics TM

Datex Visual Dispatch and Logistics is a complete enterprise system for Carrier-Brokers designed for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. Dispatch and accounting interfaces specifically geared for different types of operations will revolutionize the efficiency and productivity in your office.  

Dispatch Board is our flagship interface and enables your dispatchers to visualize freight in motion and drivers for any selected day. The Weekly drivers line up is a dispatch interface designed for regional truck load carriers that enable your dispatchers to plan and visualize a week or weeks at a time. The Simple Dispatch Screen is exactly that. The screen is split into three windows, Drivers on the left, Available loads on top and Assigned loads on the bottom. Simple!

We have a number of screens called Call Lists to help your people solicit freight or drivers as needed. Examine Historical freight and rates billed and paid via Load History.

From any screen you can double click to a related data window. For example, from a list of available freight, double clicking a Pro # will open that load, double clicking on a customer will open that customer data window.

All of our screens use constant color and icons to maximize the amount of information that can be conveyed without confusing them or you. Our screens have been distilled over and over to save every keystroke, something your users will appreciate every day!

Effective and easy to use driver, tractor and trailer tracking (and history) is provided via our Equipment and Driver Tracking (EDT) screens. Satellite based equipment tracking can update EDT screens as well.


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